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I will pay a $30.00, nonrefundable deposit, for each Cockatiel, I want Tiel Treasures to hold, for me to purchase. (Tiel Treasures will keep this deposit if I change my mind and do not purchase the reserved Cockatiel. Or, the $30.00 deposit will be subtracted from the total price of the Cockatiel when I make the full payment.)
I Understand that my $30.00 Deposit is good for 30 days, I then forfeit it to a "Keep and Care" fee, and that I must pay a second deposit to hold my "Tiel" for 30 additional days...
I would like to pay an extra $30.00 each, to have the Cockatiel/s sexed.
I would like to make the minimum purchase of $500.00, so I can have my birds shipped. I understand that I must also pay the shipping costs, (usualy $150.00 to $200.00 for one carrier with up to 6 Tiels), in advance.
I would like to make a viewing appointment with Tiel Treasures. I undestand I must pay a $30.00, norefundable Viewing deposit, and that I may subtract this deposit from the price of any Cockatiel I purchase at this viewing.
I would like to pay $70.00, for a Health Certificate. I understand that I must pay for this Certificate 30 days in advance, so the Vet. can be contacted and paperwork can be acquired. I may also want to use this Certificate to insure my Tiels with the airline.

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