Baby Cockatiel Birds - Growth Development

Growth and Development

Little Girls & Little Boys

These first three photos represent day one, two, and three of a Cockatiel's life. On day one, the baby works hard to break open the shell. It is about the size of a small thumbnail and it's few down feathers are matted. It weighs just 4 grams. These photos are of hand-feed babies and the weight would most likely be highter if they were fed by their parents. On day two the baby is 5 grams and by day three it weighs in at 6 grams.

Day four (8 grams), day five (10 grams), and day six (15 grams). You can see that by day six, its eyes are just starting to open.

By day seven, eight, and nine the baby is eating 1 - 2 teaspoons of food, three to four times a day. He is also growing rapidly. The eyes are fully open. You can see the blue color on the wings and on the head, where the flight and crest feathers are starting to come in. Its' weight has jumped from 20 - 34 grams!

Day ten (40 grams), day eleven (50 grams), and day twelve (56 grams). If you want to band your babies, it should be done between days eight and ten. As you can see, their feet are nearly as large as an adult bird.

On day fourteen, the baby is just days away from looking like an adult bird. The feathers will start to open up and it will surpass its adult weight between 2 to 3 weeks of age. The adult weight could range from 75 to 300 grams, although my largest is just under 200 grams. At three weeks it will start to thin down just before it jumps out the the nest to take its first flight.
Poppy, day 14 (70 grams).

Photos complements of Tiel Treasures

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