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Please call, and ask for Sue Ellen, or send an e-mail, Contact Info, if you would like to purchase Cockatiels from Tiel Treasures.

Located just outside of Lincoln Nebraska.

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The name "Tiel" obviously came from cockatiel and "Treasures" indicates what they are to me.
I have held a fondness for birds as long as I can remember.

A magazine once stated that , "the cockatiel
was Americas favorite pet bird". Indeed, this is true for me.

A great deal of time is devoted to each of my birds and they are very tame!

I am thankful to live in a country that allows me this freedom! And I Thank the Almighty, The One
and Only true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob for Tiels, and all His Many Blessings!



Sue Ellen,

I just had to write you a note on how happy I am with the purchase of the cockatiels I made from you. They remind me of the very 1st bird I purchased who was my loyal friend until she passed years ago. We made the trip back ok, and they are getting used to their surrounding. They've been on my arms and now my sholder for the better part of an hour and a half. Now they want to check their cage out a little more and they both did take a little more water from the dropper. Again, Thank You so much for such beautiful lovable birds. If anyone should ever be in need of a bird, I will recommend you highly! Thank you so much! I"m in heaven!



I just bought one of your birds today from Petco. I have owned many birds over the past ten years and I must say your bird (Which is a present going to a good owner and a good home) is one of the most tame I have ever encountered. If you are interested, I bought ACS 136p 07 301.

-- Regards, Bryant

HI Sue Ellen

I wanted to let you know that our new "baby" is doing well.
He constantly preens and seems relaxed and alert. We think he is beautiful and tell him that all the time. He never really seemed too upset and was eating and spending time with us that first evening. He is a very trusting and tame baby. Compliments to you. He's pretty quiet yet but starting to chirp a little... Thanks so much - his name (still subject to change) is Mango...

Sara Moshman

Hi Sue Ellen,
Guess what else! Our little Mango took only 4 days to learn the wolf whistle. I couldn't believe it! I've been whistling that since we got him and yesturday he was doing it clearly.



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Front side of Pedigree Certificate

Back side of Pedigree Certificate




Tiel Treasures price for a hand-fed, tame baby Cockatiel includes:

1. A hatch certificate. This Certificate has a photo of the baby's Mom and Dad, date of hatch and the baby's photo. Please see example to the right. >>

2. Wings trimmed and toe nails clipped, if desired.

3. A traceable closed identification band.

4. Answers to questions about the care and health of your new Tiel, to the best of my knowledge.

Prices DO NOT include Cages, Food, Pickup/Delivery, Pedigree, Health Certificate, or Tax.

Photo pedigree certificates may be purchased for $25.00 each. Please see example to the left.

Tiel Treasures is not responsible for veterinary bills.

Credit cards are not accepted, only cash, check or money order, with a $30.00 charge on insufficient fund checks.

A $500.00 minimum purchase is required for Tiel Treasures to ship birds. DELTA airlines is usualy used, (in the Fall, Winter, and Spring), and CONTINENTAL airlines, (in the Summer).

All cost for shipping and birds must be paid in advance by the buyer. Shipping prices currently run from $170.00 to $200.00 for 1 and up to 6 birds shipped together.

Buyers may reserve a Tiel for thirty days with a $30.00 nonrefundable down payment. Please call 402-782-2051 or e-mail using any of the "Send Form" links on this web page, to discuss the details.

The FOR SALE page of this web site is updated frequently, most often sold birds are marked sold within a day or two after the sale. However, if you see a Tiel listed that you are seriously interested in purchasing, You may check for the most recent availability by calling 402-782-2051.

All terms and conditions are subject to change without notification. Adult birds are also offered for sale. They could be wild and may not have a hatch certificate, pedigree, or band.

Back side of Hatch Certificate

Front side of Hatch Certificate

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